Turned onto reading at an early age–the product of bible stories given as punishment for stealing candy from a drug store–Brent Bowen devours books of all genres. And though Samson and Delilah is still one of his favorites, he would prefer to blend mysticism with archeologist canines and plasma armor.

Since then, Brent’s first paid, published story was a tweet (per word it’s a pretty good gig). He’s also co-host and producer for the Parsec award-winning podcast Adventures in Scifi Publishing, and he’s studied at the 2009 Viable Paradise XIII writer’s workshop.

Brent lives in a Kansas City suburb with his wife, two children, and pretty boy golden retriever Rufus. Learn more about Brent and his work on this site. You also can follow Brent on Twitter where he goes by the handle @splitlegend.