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Shaun (left) and me … When I worked for the University of Kansas, helping families and their children get acclimated to college life … we called this session, “Holding on and letting go …”

June 7 (my 40th birthday coincidentally) marked the end of an era. No. It had nothing to do with me or any odd behavior on my part because I’ve reached mid-life. Yet, it was the end of a period for Adventures in Scifi Publishing.

Shaun Farrell, the show’s creator, stepped down after seven years of podcasting magic. Now, the show will carry on (and continue to be well-produced I might add) under the caring leadership of new Executive Producer Timothy C. Ward.

But I do want to thank … need to thank … Shaun for the show he created. See, before I got involved as co-host and interviewer, I was a HUGE fan. Shaun was (still is) a tremendous interviewer who opened up the world of speculative fiction and its culture to me and countless other listeners.

I’ve told Shaun this a number of times but if it weren’t for him, it would have taken me a decade to not just find Viable Paradise … but to find it accessible. That’s what Shaun did: He not only shared his passion for genre, but also made it so you knew he was still learning about it, too.

I’ll miss Shaun dearly, but the show must go on … I encourage you to share Adventures in SciFi Publishing with friends and to read Shaun’s work.



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